How does EndlessCrowds work?

Understand, step-by-step, how to finance your project through EndlessCrowds.

EndlessCrowds is a different - and collaborative - way to make your projects become reality.

Use this guide to decide if EndlessCrowds is the right tool for the job.

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    Submit your project

    Projects are dreams, and we receive them with open arms whether they are small, big, funny, serious, traditional, innovative... We love projects that require little money and have a big impact in their communities.

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    After we receive your project, it will be screened by our team of reviewers. The objective here is to give you tips in order to maximize the chances of your project becoming successful, as well as filtering nonsense projects. Remember, we want your project to be successful as much as you do.

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    Let's go live!?

    When your project is ready, it's time to go live and plan your campaign. During this period, you will need to engage as many people as possible to reach your goal.

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    Your success is our success. We will support you 100% of the way.

Rules to submit your project to EndlessCrowds


Creative and doable


Benefits for backers


Non-financial rewards


Make a video

Ok, but tell me more about EndlessCrowds...

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    Our magic formula

    We believe that providing a meeting place for people that share common values is the best way to turn projects into reality. Use EndlessCrowds as a channel to direct your network towards a COMMON objective.

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    Where does the money to finance projects come from?

    At least 50% will come from your own network of contacts. In this manner, EndlessCrowds is a way for you to get closer to the people that enjoy your work and expand this network through sharing in social networks, newspapers, blogs and, of course, your favorite bar.

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    Does it take a lot of work?

    Yes! There is no easy money on the internet. You will have to work a lot during your project, but the experience will be worth it - we assure you - and you will also have a much stronger network behind your project after EndlessCrowds.

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    How much does it cost to use EndlessCrowds?

    Submitting your project is free. When your project is approved and has reached its goal, EndlessCrowds will apply a 6% fee.

Why EndlessCrowds?

First of all, we believe strongly that crowdfunding is a new and better way to finance amazing projects.

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    By creating a very strong bond with your network, you will open doors to new projects, partnerships and other unexpected connections.

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    If the projects are well done, they can spread quickly to a lot of people, expanding your network and strengthening the base of people around your project.

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    Minimum red tape and low financial risk. No interest rate, no entry fees... and lots of fun.