About Supporting Firefighters

No individual in their right mind would wake up one day with the innate desire to walk directly into a swirling tornado of hell-fire, with the possibility of being burned to a crisp. Yet our nation’s firefighters are prepared to do that each and every day for the individual communities they love.

We often forget all that firefighters really do – it’s not just about battling flames. The best way to refer to a fire department is an “All Emergencies Department” as they are often first responders to just about every emergency you can think of.

Yet, regardless of their invaluable service, these departments are often the first to get the budgetary axe and lack the necessary resources to protect and serve their communities.

When you help support firefighters through Endless Crowds, you’re helping support a family. Whether it be community outreach, entrepreneurial goals, or individual creative projects, every firefighter is deeply ingrained within their firefighter family and the community in which they reside.

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