Veteran Village

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About this Project

Veteran Village Michigan Set To Raise $56,400 to Revitalize neighborhood, create entrepreneurship and support services for Veterans, by Veterans

Do you know Wayne County has the countries largest population of veterans? Also Wayne county has the worlds largest inventory of vacant or in jeopardy of being foreclosed homes? Did you know veterans have VA benefits that could allow them to become a homeowner with ZERO $0 money down?  
Chances are you didn't know all of these facts. But the Veterans and the family members of them who founded and operate Veteran Village Michigan do and are educating Veterans on their benefits and how they can help fellow veterans revitalize neighborhoods and create support services to help more Veterans do the same.

Veteran Village Michigan has recently launched a new program to provide education for veterans on using their VA benefits for home ownership!

Veteran Village Michigan is here to educate and empower veterans and revitalizing areas in need of new life.  Home ownership is a great pride, and our service men and women have earned VA benefits to help them achieve this goal.  

Veteran Village Michigan is made up of veterans and family members of veterans. We take pride in taking care of those who have served our country and getting them to have the American dream of home ownership. Veterans helping Veterans!!!! We will be there to support them from the start and even after the close of their new home.

The first phase of the project involves the rehab of the first home located in Midtown Detroit. This area of the city is finally seeing positive progress and we hope to help repopulate the area with our service men and women. To fully prepare the home and further develop Veteran Village Michigan we seek to raise $56,400.

Here is how YOU can help!

  • Our goal is to raise $56,400
  • The biggest perk of this campaign is YOU will be helping some of the hardest working and most dedicated members of society lift themselves up.
  • In the event that we do not reach our $56,400 goal, we will complete the project with our capital, blood , sweat & resources
  • This project is the foundation of the village. You will be the foundation of change in the lives of those who served or country

The Impact

  • The money raised will help the program lay out a positive future that will help veterans and their families for generations.
  • The lives we impact will in turn change the lives of others they touch.
  • With the growing number of veterans in South Eastern Michigan, this project will affect countless families. We are not looking to do one house, but create many villages where veterans can be amongst other veterans for support and camaraderie.

Use of Funds

  • The funds raised will be used to update the property. Once updated it will be sold to a qualified veteran.
  • Proceeds from the sale will then be used to give back the money raised to investors with a return. Profits from sale are retained to fund future acquisitions and rehabs.
  • For more information and details on Use of Funds, please visit

Other Ways You Can Support

  • SPREAD THE WORD!!! Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites!
  • Donate supplies or volunteer to help update the property.
  • Donate property. If you have property that is just sitting around, let us give it new life and get it ready for a veteran and their family. Residential and Commercial properties welcome.

Please visit for more information.